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The night was drawing to a morbid and depressing end, Laurie, Sean, and Ross began their journey home, discussing the nights events. As their destinations began to draw near, they realised the obstacles they were faced with, the station, a grim house for decrepit and withering figures of the past.
"It's faster if we cut across the tracks" hinted Laurie, aware of the foreseeing danger that could befall the group with such a risk. Ross quickly pointed out the alternative route, but it was too late, the two had their minds and their hearts set, they reached the platform, Ross quickly splintered off and headed down the tunnel to their right to make it round before they did. Checking for cameras as they went, Sean and Laurie bounded off the platform onto the tracks, and over the several foot high fence that stood between them and Ross, who at this point had already made it past them. The group was safe, there was no danger yet. They made their way through the old hospital grounds, a bustling metropolis during the day, a deserted fortress at night, they weaved their ways through the small wooden fences, occasionally leaping over one as an act of masculinity, they began to realise the reason they had made this journey in the first place.
"We can buy some drinks and go to Sean's"
With more motivation than ever, they began to close in on the final stretch to the Safeway garage. Little did they know, Sean was about to say something that would change their night....until the next day.
"What's that game where you pull your trousers down to your ankles and see who gets embaressed first?" Sean questioned
"Ankles or something". The name sent shivers down many within earshot's spine.


Ross looked on in horror as the two began toget more and more excited at the idea, belts were flying, and trousers were dropping, revealing Sean to be wearing...Tight, Light Blue boxers and Laurie to be wearing Sumo Wrestler ones. The game was on, first one to chicken out was the loser, but no, there was no chickening out in this game, this was a game of honour and dignity, the novelty pictures on the camera phones had been taken, the REAL game was on now, the waddling began to gain speed as they began hurtling themselves towards the Garage, Taxis looked on, and they were on the main road now, there was no turning back, the pressure was on, and it hit Laurie like a nucleur bomb, but he wasn't afraid, Sean refused to even think about pulling his Kheks up, he stood proudly, triumphant even, just the thought of winning this game made his convulse with excitement. But every man has his limits, in Sean and Laurie's case, it was stepping foot inside the garage with trousers at ankles, it was Ross's turn to step up, he had his laughs, now it was time for him to cash in, and buy some drinks, Sean and Laurie rested at the bike racks, whilst a man nearby grabbed his unchained bike in fear of theivery and raunchiness. They both began to fish for money, their pockets seemed miles away at this point, they weren't used to reaching an extra 4 feet to get a few more pounds from their pockets. The money was handed over and Ross strided confidently towards the automatic door, as he closed in he noticed the sign places in the centre of the door.
"Closed due to staff shortage, sorry for the inconvenience!"
Those bastards, they've locked us out, we're done for, unless we can open the door. It was hopeless, Ross returned to the group, shattered and disappointed, they began to walk home, a man took notice of the group nearby and exclamed.
"Andy check these mad cunts, look at them, Andy? These mad cunts man!".
The man's inspiring words rekindled the dying flame in their hearts, there was no stopping them, regardless of hydration!
The journey home was one of frienship and diplomancy, a truce was called between the two combatants, the game of ankles was put on hold, and a new game took place, the game ankles was scrubbed infact, and so were the trousers, there was no restrictions this time, they were doing it like they did in the jungle! The kheks were off, and the bets were on, Ross began to become more and more integued by the minute, he had to join in, but he would wait until they arrived at Sean's there, he would de-cloth and there, Half-Naked Ross would be born, for the greater good. And so they went, up past the posh hotels, and past the busy taxi sitting at the lights, but the two brave warriors took the onslaught casually, shrugging off the staring that could kill someone with a shred of self-esteem, they pushed on, up past Ross's house, and inconveniently, his neighbour, and in they went to Sean's house, and out came the groups possessions, phones, keys, anything that might compromise the mission, the trousers were left behind also, there was no need for them now, it was as if they were obsolete, like there was no need for them where they were going, they headed back down the old hospital way, Sean had lost his Creative Zen, and now, it was up to them to find it, the next few minutes for Ross was an experience he wouldn't forget, an unwelcome breeze that haunted his giblets, the cold was setting in already, things began to shrivel, but Sean came prepared, he pulled one of the gloves from his hand, and stuffed it down his pants, protection from the warmth, the two set their envious gaze upon Sean(And his crotch). The hospital and the garage were already in sight, their brisk jog from Sean's abode seemed like time had flown by, perhaps because they were cold and may have been sprinting, wind velocity was another factor, but that's not improtant at the present. The priority was Sean's Zen, they approached the deserted metropolis once more..Well, they would have, had they not found his zen lying a few feet away on the grass beside the pavement, where to they wondered, back to Sean's perhaps? Laurie pitched a golden idea.
"Want to run up the main road?"
It was truely inspired, and so they ran, and ran they did, and Ross MAY or may not have flashed an old woman in a car when he was vaulting a rail outside of the hospital...So they ran, it seemed a game of tag had taken place in the middle of the road, Laurie ran up the white line in the middle and crossed to the left side of the road as Sean chased him up and across to the other side, Ross following on a good few metres behind caught himself between the two lanes, like a hunk of cheese being fought over by two disease-ridden rats, a fight that, inevitably ended with the death of one of the rats, and the extended life of another. The two cars shot past Ross as he made a break for the pavement, a bus passed them by and Ross looked to the see the turning heads, but alas, no heads turned.
"The fucking nerve of them, i'm out her in my skivvies and they can't even clap or something?" He thought to himself. It was time to perform what people in the business like to call "the ol' switch-a-roo" Which could be done two ways, jumping through the bush and onto the next street or waiting till the next opening and crossing over. After all of tonights events, the safer option was chosen, or so Ross thought, a small chain fence stood in the way which couldn't have been more than a foot and a half high, an easy height to hop over, little did he know Laurie had just pulled up the other end of the chain causing Ross to nearly catch his feet on the chain, but everything was safe and as it was, Laurie led the group across the walls in front of the posh hotels, hoping dining couples would get a chuckle or two, but at 1:00am, who would be dining at this time? A taxi was stationary in the middle of the road in front of the hotels, with no driver, where could he be? He was standing in the doorway of the hotel, and began to decend the steps looking somewhat bewildered and unaccustomed to the situation, had he never seen a group of teenages running half naked through the city? Well, he had not lived. His weary-eyed expression could bring a tear to an eye, they approached the main road again, with Laurie leading the pack, they dashed across the road infront of a taxi, pretending to be startled as they crossed, it was the moment of truth, show time, they burst onto the main road and sprinted up the side of the road, timing it perfectly they crossed to the other side, trying to act casual, Ross decended into a mild jog as to not arouse suspicion, but it was too late, suspicions were already aroused, little did they know, the car they had ran in front of, was of the police variety, Laurie didn't hesitate, he lept the small wall to his left and headed in the direction the police car came from, Ross soon followed. Sean was slow in realising why the other two had started running, but after the PoPo played their wee jingle, he suddenly realised and exclaimed.
"What the? Shit!!!"
It was every man for himself

Ross's point of view

"Where the christ was Laurie? He ran down here a second ago" He thought to himself, his legs were flailing, his heart was pounding, and he was laughing his tits off, It was then he spotted Laurie, pivoting on the spot, as to try and find a place to go to. Ross caught up to him and followed Laurie into a bush which turned out to be a flourishing Holly bush, the car was still there, but no sign of a driver or Sean, it was now or never, they shot out of the bush, unscratched, surprisingly, and took the the ground like something that takes to ground very fast, the priority was getting away at this point, although Sean was on his mind, what happened to him? Is he alright? Was he caught? He couldn't think straight with no trousers on, it was time to gear up, trousers were back in fashion, and so was a good old fashioned search party. After a short visit back to Sean's, Laurie and Ross hit the main road once again, but this time, with style and pizzaz, the police car had gone, and so had their hopes, they were taking every possible precaution, hiding in bushes to make sure the coast was clear, checking the places they had run to to make sure Sean hadn't followed, after 20 or so minutes, they headed back to base, demoralised and ill-spirited. It was now a waiting game, the time was roughly 1:40am, and there was no sign of Sean, they decided it would be best to get some rest and hope they woke up with Sean beside us (But not in a gay way). The time passed slowly, minute by minute, sleep was deprived, every so often the words were muttered that made the two break out into a muttered chuckle.
"In our fucking underwear"
They shared a laugh, they both agreed, if he wasn't back by 2:00am, they would assume he was caught, Ross drifted in and out of sleep, he awoke to the sound of Laurie's voice
"Fucking hell, it's 5 to and he's still not back"
He was right, the time was 1:55am and Sean hadn't arrived yet, as quickly as Ross had woken up though, he was gone again, a dreamless sleep, as if too burdened to think of anything else. A blunt strike to the head awoke Ross once more, he pushed himself up and gazed up, Sean was standing before him, shivering and smiling, he bent over and hugged Ross and then hugged Laurie thanking that they were alright, the night was over, and the story telling began, it was at that point that they all agreed, that it was one kick ass night, and that they would all do it again.

Sean's point of view

The coppers pulled up and only one thought sprung to Sean's mind... RUN! And so he did. He bound over the wall infront of him, which may of only been 4ft. But it took the copper, in his stupid office shoes, a good we while to get up. Now the chase was on. He was over, but still a good we while away from Sean. The site from the coppers eye's must of been absolutly hilarious. Chasing a 14 year old boy, in tight blue boxers, very large black boots and an unbuttoned shirt, which at this point, was flaring back like a cape. Sean was sprinting faster than ever before, slowly largening the gap between him and the copper. He kept running, down a long street, with no visible way of a sudden escape. No 10 ft. wall to run up and over, no bushes to dive into. He only had one choice, keep running. As the gap between Sean and the copper began to get quite large, the copper must of known that the boy, practicaly naked, was going to get away, and as a last resort shouted
This turned something in Sean's mind. Should he stop? He had run a long distance and was getting nearer and nearer to total exaustion. What if he tired out and the copper caught him and he DID go to jail.
"Fuck it!" he though. "If I get caught either way, the same thing is gonna happen to me, right?"
And so on that note, he picked up the pace a little, and started sprinting again.
Down this road he ran. "Does it ever end?" but at that moment, the end of the road came in sight, and it gave Sean a small boost of energy. By now, he couldn't see the copper down the dark, dark road, but he could sense that he was still there. A car park neared on Sean's right
He spotted a corner, where almost no light could reach, and planted himself there. 2 minutes passed and Sean heard a voice of a stranger passing by. But when he heard this stranger say "two where topless and one had a shirt on" he realised that he knew this stranger. He went completly quiet, even his heart beat quieter, and the voice disappeared as quickly as it came.
"how long should I wait bofore making the journey home?"
Sean decided that an hour was a safe amount of time, and so he waited. It was 1:13.
Time ticked by so slowly. Sean had his Zen in his right hand, but typicaly didn't have any headphones.
20 minutes into waiting... and the rain came on
After a whole hour, Sean was wet and freezing, but the time had come to make his voyage home. He slowly got up, making as little sound as possible. He checked the area, the cost was clear. He jumped up onto his feet and started running back to home, back the way he came. It was not untill he started running that he remembered that he was in nothing but underwear, a shirt and large heavy boots. He ran and ran, untill he reached Great Western road once more. He checked down the right, the squad car had gone. He checked down the left, and in the distance, spotted what looked like yet another police car.
"better wait till it passes" He decided.
Eventually, it passed the small bushes which concealed Sean. It was a riot van, which Sean was pretty sure don't get sent out on regular patrol. Once it had passed, Sean checked the road again. All clear. He exploded out the bush and sprung across the road and all the way home.
"Shit! What happened to Laurie and Ross, are they caught?"
These questions haunted Sean's mind once he was across the road and safe. He opened his back gate. The lights to his room were off. They wern't there. But it was as he stumbled into his dark room that he was proven wrong. Ross sat up, but.. Laurie was not here
"WHERE'S LAURIE!?" He shouted, probably louder than he should of, but at which point laurie came out from under the covers. A feeling of relief and happiness washed over Sean. The night was over, and ended well.

Laurie's not bothered his arse, oh well